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What is NodeJS?

Node.js is an open source server framework. It allows you to run JavaScript on the server.It can be run on various OS like Windows, Linux, MacOS etc.

Why NodeJS?

Nodejs uses asynchronous programming...that is it sends a request and gets ready to handle the next request. It sends the response to the client when the server returns the response thus eliminating waiting which is different from other web technologies like PHP, ASP etc., which spawn a new thread per-client request.

Node.js is single-threaded and non-blocking and so it is very memory efficient.

Benefits of using NodeJS

  • Node.js uses JavaScript both on the server and client side. Hence developers only have to communicate in a single language across all layers
  • Node.js uses an event-driven architecture. Every single call and operation is a chain of asynchronous callbacks. So Node.js runs on a single thread. This is the fundamental of the non-blocking I/O nature of Node.js
  • Several web servers and cloud-based hosting providers like Amazon (AWS), Google, Microsoft IIS, Heroku, Microsoft Azure etc. support hosting of Node.js web applications.
  • As JavaScript is a common among web developers, evolving a web developer from any other web technology to Node.js is easy.
  • NodeJS has wide support from popular IDEs like Visual Studio and Eclipse and editors like Notepad++ and Sublime Text and so code hinting and highlighting is featured.
  • Node.js has built-in support for object databases such as MongoDB. MongoDB, compared to traditional SQL databases, uses a document-based model instead of a relational model; this means that instead of tables, it uses objects resembling JSON.
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