Most Common Magento 2 SEO Issues & How to fix them

While analyzing the new Magento 2 platform, we came across the most common mistakes when it comes to SEO. The Magento 2 based websites can be successful when their SEO is set flawlessly. In the latest versions of Magento, you can find the key improvements done in SEO. The most common SEO mistakes and their solutions are:

1) Indexing both http and https versions of the website

When you index the http and https versions of the website, it considers one of the version as the duplicate content.

To avoid this mistake, you should be indexing the preferred version and the other version of the same URL should point to the https version with rel canonical. For example, https is the preferred version for your website, then in the HTML coding, the http version should have the rel canonical pointing to https and vice versa.

2) txt blocking layered navigation parameters

Usually, the layered navigation is not at all good for your website in terms of SEO. You should always avoid the filters, sorting and the layered navigation being indexed in their ‘raw’ state. Also, you can use layered navigation extensions which can turn your filtered and sorted pages into properly optimized landing pages.

If you are facing any other SEO issues with Magento 2, kindly contact us.