It is very vital to run a secure eCommerce portal as it is the first concern of an online shopper.

How can you ensure that your online store is safe for the buyer? First, a secure and trusted Payment Gateway will give confidence to the buyer. Second, a well written terms and conditions, privacy, warranty, refund and returns policy will give a boost. Third, a physical address and a contact phone number will do the rest. These are mandatory requirements of an online store to ensure security and safety to the buyers.

Apart from the above there are several things to consider enhancing the confidence and trust of a buyer. online-store-ecommerce-mcommerce-secure-estore

  • Make sure the design of your store looks professional and not amateurish. A professional design makes the buyer believe that the online store is trustworthy.
  • Do not collect too much of personal information when the user registers for the first time in the site
  • Use optimum high quality images of products such that the product images are well displayed as well as load faster.
  • Use good language to describe your products without much grammatical errors. Describe as much as possible about the products.
  • Highlight important features of the products and list key points exclusively.
  • List out some of the best testimonials or reviews about your products or services.
  • Price the items you sell moderately. It is always better to have a optimum profit margin compared to your competitors
  • Ensure that the site SSL certificate is active and does not expire.
  • Display the security seal of the SSL certificate
  • Write a good quality blog detailing more about your products and services and give the readers an option to comment.
  • Make sure no error or warning displays during the checkout or payment process.

If the buyer has the confidence in your site, then there is all possibility for him to become your repeated customer. If you don’t have the trust factor working positively for you, then it is time you relooked over your site to see if there is anything which could be corrected.

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