• Prevaj Consultants offers hands in app development services with technology experts. Our app development experience spans across many industry verticals. We have the ability to draw ideas, design, develop, publish apps based on UI Design, Location, Cloud API Integration and eCommerce.
  • We develop both Native and Hybrid Apps.
  • We build native apps using the native language of the platform, Objective-C on iOS, and Java on Android. The main advantage of native applications is their performance which includes fast and fluid animations as well as full access to phone hardware, multi touch support and the latest APIs. The main disadvantage is that as the code must be written specifically for each platform, the same code will have to mostly be rewritten with little to be shared. The logic may be the same, but the language, APIs and the development process is different. This process can be relatively long for complex applications.
  • We build Hybrid Mobile applications using Phonegap, Titanium, Sencha. These are web applications (or web pages) in the native browser, such as UIWebView in iOS and WebView in Android (not Safari or Chrome). Hybrid apps are developed using HTML, CSS and Javascript, and then wrapped in a native application using platforms like Cordova. The application development is faster, simpler, more rapid and the application is easier to maintain. The main problem with hybrid apps is that they still depend on the native browser, which means they are not as fast as native apps.

Mobile App Development


Hire Dedicated Developers

At Prevaj Consultants, you get competent, technically well qualified, world-class developers who can work with you, to your satisfaction, in ongoing development projects, product development, maintenance projects etc. at a very affordable cost.

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