In today’s competitive and fast changing business scenarios, it is important for all enterprises to be highly efficient in their business processes. Enterprise Solutions improve operational efficiency and help your enterprise to manage its resources efficiently, empowering you to take advantage of new opportunities and market changes. Prevaj Consultants ERP team will help in implementing Oracle ERP or developing custom ERP solutions to automate the business flow of your enterprise, with the objective to minimise human error and have a fail-safe monitoring and inter-linking system of various departments in your organization.

Since our applications are web based, it could be accessed by the authorized people of the enterprise from any where in the world. We use state of the art encryption technologies to give maximum security to the data. Wherever possible we come up with imparting business intelligence in the application in such a way that it helps in decision making process. We could work either with your defined scope or could be innovative with a well-conceptualized and Agile development model. Apart from ERP, we can develop and implement various other Enterprise Applications like SCM ( supply Chain Management ) , CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) and HRM ( Human Resource Management ).

The enterprise web application steps are highlighted below:

  • Analyze business process
  • Identify key challenges
  • Work out best possible solutions
  • Plan the framework
  • Design and develop with best-supported implementation measures
  • Testing and feedback from customer,
  • Deploy solution into real environment,
  • Continuous support

What we do

  • Oracle ERP Implementation and Support in SCM, Finance and Manufacturing
  • Web-based Custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Mobile Solutions
  • Enterprise Workflow Automation Solutions (WAS)
  • Enterprise Document Management Solutions (DMS)
  • Enterprise Portals and Distributed Applications
  • Project Management System
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Information and Data Sharing Management
  • Strategic Decision Support

Enterprise Solutions

Customer Relationship Management

Project Management System


Hire Dedicated Developers

At Prevaj Consultants, you get competent, technically well qualified, world-class developers who can work with you, to your satisfaction, in ongoing development projects, product development, maintenance projects etc. at a very affordable cost.

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