Marketing your business on Facebook has seemingly become a scientific process that causes some to wonder if it’s even worth it. With Facebook still the number one social networking site, businesses would be crazy to not get into the action. And once you realize the basics to achieving marketing success, it really is not too intimidating of a process. Here are some marketing tips to assure your business stands out while gaining likes and potential customers as well.

1) Regular Blog Posting

The first tip seems obvious, but many businesses, especially small businesses, don’t take advantage of it. If you plan on having any success on Facebook, you first must post! And not just the occasional once a week obligatory post, but daily, and hopefully several times a day. Did you publish a new blog? Are you having or extending a sale? Planning an open house? All of these should be posted on Facebook. If you have nothing necessarily ‘new’ to post, product updates are an easy reminder to shop or visit your page. Don’t worry so much about if the product is brand new or not. It’s actually quite likely that it is new to someone who is seeing it.

2) Advertisement

Ads are another essential tool to assuring your Facebook marketing success. Facebook allows business to target their audience; you can actually narrow down who sees your ad based on gender, age, location and more. Set your campaign budget and once you’ve reached your set limit, the ad will stop running.

3) Make Neighbours

Like the pages of surrounding business and occasionally share their updates or comment on their posts. It takes only a few seconds and they will likely do the same for you from time to time, exposing their audience to your page. Regardless of their location, do the same for other businesses similar to yours, especially if you have an eCommerce site.

4) Positive Content

Keep your posts positive. According to recent stat, people use this social networking tool to post fun and exciting news. Make sure your posts are engaging, encouraging the users to share or comment on them. It’s not just a surefire way to keep them interested in your brand, but will also help you gain new “likes” as well. When users do comment on a post or link you’ve shared, be sure to keep the conversation going. It’s what Facebook is all about and will show off great customer service.

No matter if you’re just starting your Facebook page or looking to change things up a bit, we all need marketing strategies to keep us in the game.

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