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In understanding the present shape of web application development and its future potentials, it is clear that tools that help develop web apps that work smoothly across devices and form factors are the key

  • Today every application is supported by an API. This is going to be ground level.
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are used in verticals like retail. But chances of increase in Security Vulnerabilities are more. The only way to protect is with automation, orchestration and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Progressive web application technology will enable the web app experience to be same as the native app experience without the downsides. But the roadblock to ingress is development and installation.
  • Prominent technologies are being adopted by the browsers. This will untie developers from platforms and app stores.
  • We can progressively add elements to what customers are already using such as add-on functions to third-party applications like Salesforce
  • There is a huge potential for building applications that phase in machine learning to understand the basis of their users strengthening the user experience
  • Web applications are becoming common. To remain germane, it becomes obligatory to increase intelligence as technology matures .
  • Fierce standards for REST is essential.
  • Migrating to the cloud for efficient scaling of systems and microservices with better integration with other systems are vital.
  • Web platforms consistent across devices and seamless UX, test automation with Selenium, Automated deployment , visual testing and monitoring are all indispensable
  • Ultimately, we are building apps to serve end users. Hence, it is requisite to create a great user interface wherever and whenever the user wants to interact and make sure the engagement is simple and the performance is good.