WordPress platforms are rich in large number of themes and plugins. The main reason for the popularity of the CMS is that the WordPress users can get them for a few bucks, or even for free.

We can choose perfect themes for either a personal blog or for an ecommerce website that has potential to generate huge traffic.

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We should go for the simplest theme with minimal functions and clean design to create a successful site.

  1. Simple Themes are Comparatively Cheap:

    We prefer marketplace like Themeforest for buying WordPress themes for our website. There are different types of themes in market and their prices may vary according to their features. Themes with heavy plugins and functions are higher in cost. If we need to start a blog and wanted to craft a good design, then we must choose simple wordpress theme.

  2. They are Extremely Fast:

    A simple theme means less code, simple functions, fewer executions, and naturally, increased speed. Speed is a crucial factor and a simple Wordpress theme can make the best with the speed of our site. An article from "Kissmetrics" clearly explains the importance of speed in a website. They mentioned that "Speed is a killer", a beautiful website made with heavy functions and features cannot be successful if it's speed is slow like a snail.

  3. They are more User-Friendly:

    A successful product or project must always be a simple and user-friendly.. A simple design will help users quickly find what they are looking for, it'll surely increase the on-page time, decrease bounce rates and it leads to improved search engine rankings.

  4. Easy to Manage:

    A complex WordPress theme with page builders like Visual Composer or Divi will take a lot of time and effort. A simple WordPress theme will only provide limited functionality and hence easily manageable.

  5. SEO Friendliness:

    Optimizing your website for the search engines will get a good rank to your site. So, SEO is not ignorable. The theme developer must take extreme care in following all the development standards because the theme structure and the code alignment are some important ranking factors.

  6. No problems in changing to another Theme:

    While using a simple WordPress theme, it is simple as installing the new theme and assigning it as the active theme. But for some feature-rich themes and page builders like visual composer or divi will be useful for sites with multiple functionality, membership etc.

  7. Legends using Simple Themes:

    Professional bloggers will always prefer a simple theme. Most of the pro-blogger’s websites, or some big brands who utilize WordPress prefer simple WordPress themes. Shoutmeloud Blog is a best example and they prefer the Genesis which is one of the best and simplest WordPress themes around.