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A variety of users use Node.js for different application development, using a large mix of tools and technologies.

It is estimated that there are more than 9 million Node.js instances online. Businesses that use Node.js are more likely to note the increased impact on the application being developed.

The major advantages of using Node.js over time are:

  • Increase in Developer Productivity
  • Increase in Developer Satisfaction
  • Decrease in Development costs
  • Increase in Application Performance
  • Help in recruiting Developers

Node.js is so versatile that it is evident in the growth of Node.js within companies. It is not only used as an application platform but also beginning to be used for expeditious experimentation with application modernization, corporate data and IoT solutions.

Although the majority of developers spend their time with Node.js on the back-end, full stack and front-end development, they are also beginning to use in the Ops/DevOps, Desktop Applications, Security and mobile as well.

The growth rate of Node.js is 100% every year. Companies are planning to expand their use of Node.js for web applications, enterprise, IoT, embedded systems and Big Data Analytics. Their main focus would be modernizing systems and processes. Hence the lightweight and modular nature of Node.js make it a very suitable for container and serverless based lean software development.

Node.js technology affinity goes beyond databases, libraries, Node.js Frameworks, containers, cloud-native apps, touch development with databases, front-end framework, load balancing, CI, Message systems etc.

Furthermore, Node.js users for Serverless development, prefer to use AWS Infrastructure.

Vendors in big data and business analytics market require distributed systems within their products and rely on Node.js for data analysis, with key benefits being productivity, satisfaction, cost containment, and increased application performance.

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