College Management System,

Product Overview

College Management Software is a web based software that brings a systemized way of managing the entire institution and can be integrated with the college website. The software offers benefits to the management and students alike. Users get updated about students’ scores, faculty, timetable, fees etc. through College Management Software.

The system consists of the following required features,

  • Admission
  • Students - Add Student, Students List
  • Staff -  Add Staff, Staff Lists, Assign Staff, Staff's Scheduling
  • Timetable
  • Attendance - Attendance Report, Attendance Update, Attendance Percentage
  • Examination - Internal Mark, External Mark, Total Mark, Set Range of Attendance Mark
  • Billing - Add/View/Update Billing, Add Bus Fees, View Bus Billings, Defaulters List, Print Billing
  • Login
  • Courses
  • Departments
  • Batches
  • Infrastructure
  • Intra-mailing.
  • System can be monitored from anywhere
  • Fees Defaulters Alert
  • Easy Admission and Billing modules
  • Intra-Mailing
  • Staff and Students Login
  • SMS Alerts

appointment fixing,

Developed an Appointment Fixing module A Customer can fix an appointment by selecting a date and time, if the slot is available.

This module can be used in eCommerce stores for selling to specific customers through Skype who can fix an appointment with salesman to view the product before purchasing. This module can also be used for fixing appointments with doctors, lawyers etc.

API integration with Clinchpad CRM,eCommerce virtual showroom, online store virtual shopping

Developed a small application to integrate Clinchpad CRM API that triggers a weekly report of the Sales Stage of a Prospect to the Marketing team of the company

Integrate WordPress with ZenCart,

This add-on is used to integrate WordPress with ZenCart.

By this we can integrate the features of WordPress such us blogs etc. within ZenCart.

Also works using Single Signon